How to Replace Tile Grout

By | October 17, 2019

Usually, replacing grout is an easy task but you must know the right method to replace the tile grout. Primarily, it is a cement-based paste which is filled between tiles to fill the tile gap. If your tile is damaged or requires re-grouting process, you must hire professionals for professional for replacing grout in floor tiles. Luckily, we have the best ways to replace the tile grout with simple steps.

Bathroom Regrouting Services
Bathroom Regrouting Services

First, Remove The Grout and Then Replace It Carefully With Few Easy Steps.

Remove Damaged Grout.

  1. Use White Vinegar:

    You can use white vinegar to remove the tile grout. Take a small container to mix vinegar and water in equal quantity. Mix both ingredients well and apply on the grout to remove it. Then, scrub the grout surface and try to remove as much grout from the surface. After removing the excess of grout, wipe away the floor using a cloth. If you want to replace the bathroom grout, it is highly recommended that lease experts for bathroom regrouting services
  2. Buy New Grout for Filling The Gaps:

    Now, buy new grout powder that should be matched with the colour of previously damaged grout. You can easily buy it from any local home renovation store. While buying new grout, show grout sample so that storekeeper can give you the right coloured grout. For, regrouting, you can hire professionals who can replace the grout perfectly without any mess. For your safety, wear a dust mask and safety glasses, because sometimes, grout piece could be hovering in the air while removing grout.
  3. Vacuum Up The Surface:

    Now, use a vacuum cleaner to clear out the damaged pieces of the grout. Be sure that you have clear out the complete grout before applying new grout.

Apply New Grout Between Tiles.

  1. Mix The Grout Powder With Water:

    Take a bucket for making a paste of grout powder and water. Mix well both ingredients and make a relevant paste to fill the tile gap. Don’t use too much water. For extra information, you can get help from our professionals who are expert to provide grout and tile repair services.
  2. Fill The Tile Gap With The Help of Grout Paste.

    Now, you have to fill the tile gap by using a grout float which is a thick rubber pad with a handle on it and easily available at most home improvement stores. Take out some mixture from the bucket by using the grout float. And, then press the mixture down into the tile gap with the grout float. Fill the gap completely by pressing padded part of the grout float.
  3. Wash The Excess Grout:

    Just slowly drag the float edge above the tile filled gap and remove the excess grout from the flooring.
  4. Allow The Grout Dry:

    Leave the grout for 1or 2 hours to dry up properly. You can read the drying instructions that came with new grout or can get help from our Professional Tile and Grout Cleaners Sydney.
  5. Clean Grout Surrounding Area:

    After the process of grout replacement, clean out the grout surface. 
Tile and Grout Cleaning
Tile and Grout Cleaning

Get Best Tile and Grout Cleaning Services in Sydney

For getting any further help, contact professionals of SK Tile Grout Cleaning. We will provide you with the best services with the right process. You can call us at any time for getting services related to tile and grout cleaning or repairing.

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