Floor sanding and polishing

The Floor Sanding and Polishing is the combination of removing and polishing the upper layer of the floor. An abrasive material is used to remove the top layer of a wooden floor which is known as sanding. The machines used to polish the floors after the process of sanding is called floor polishing.

Floor Sanding and Polishing
Floor Sanding and Polishing

What is the need for floor sanding and polishing?

The floors which are older, beaten and scratched need the process of floor sanding and polishing. The scratches appear on the floor fade the floor polishing. The old floors are sanded when hidden wood appears on the floor. The old stains on the floor show the age of the floor. There may be worms that harm and dampen the floor. The process of removing the old layer and applying a fresh coating on the floor greatly benefits the people living in the home.

Explain the process of floor sanding and polishing?

There are basically three steps involved in floor sanding and polishing. These are preparation, sanding, and coating with protective coolant. In the process of preparation, the floor is prepared for the sanding operation. In this step, all the nails are punched down on the floor so that it doesn’t harm the sander. The coarse 36 grit papers are used to remove the old coatings from the floor in the sanding process. The 24 grit paper is used commonly for uneven floors by the sander. The floors are coated with solvents and oil after the process of sanding. In this step normally three coats on the floor are applied.

Is Floor sanding and polishing essential?

If the carpeted floors look dirty, stained and older, then floor sanding and polishing is an essential step. The stain on the floor affects the quality of the floor. There are many companies that provide the service of floor sanding and polishing. It is essential to higher the professional sander for the whole process of sanding and polishing. The floors which are sanded in this process are cork, timber floors, practical board, etc. The freshly sanded and polishing floors increase the value of the complete house. The sanded and polished floors result natural lightening reflects from the floor. The home floor looks more appealing and decorative.

What are the advantages of floor sanding and polishing?

The first and foremost advantage is this process adds value to the home. This process also revamps the quality of the floor. Therefore, the life of the floor surges as many times compared to non-sanding operation. In addition, this process reduces the number of allergies affecting the people living in the home. There is a remarkable decrease in airborne diseases and dust particles. The floor is looking attractive, smooth and lucrative after polishing. It is easier to clean the floor rather than the stained floor.

Professional Floor Sanding and-Polishing
Professional Floor Sanding and-Polishing

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Finally, it is concluded that floor sanding and polishing revamps the life of the floor. The grim and stain appears on the floor can be easily removed after this process. The home is worthy and attractive after the process of polishing. When you are in the search of the best service provider that can restore your tile and timber floor, look no further than SK Tile and Grout Cleaning. The professionals of our team can reach your place on the same day of booking for the floor inspection. Call now to get in touch with us or to know the free estimate of our services.